Family Resemblance Much?

OK, I was going to write a whole post on HI family visiting. And I will! I promise! But it was getting late, so I was going to wait to post until tomorrow. However, I ran across a series of pictures. This is just a small sampling of them, but seriously. I. Had. To. Post.

I mean, really? Do these boys look alike or what?

I could barely even choose which one to post! Here’s more:

Those ones were the most alike, but these ones struck me too! Right down to the expressions! What personality these Wheeler boys have, right? Three generations of handsome ;):







Oh, and Gramma Homee, I couldn’t leave you out! I promise, there are some GREAT pics of you with your grandbabies! This might not be the best one of all of them (I promise again, I will continue to post), but it made me laugh! The expression was too funny and too similar between both of you, so I had to do it:

More to come. There are some great ones of the wedding too.
(When I preview this post, I can only see the pictures small, but they are enlarge-worthy, so please click if you want to save any full-size, family!)

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