Halloween Preview

Hopefully I’ll have more pics to come, but here’s a few from the phone until I get the others downloaded.


The sweetest little Johnny football and his beautiful Rosetta, the garden fairy sidekick. What a great pair they made! Selah’s costume was courtesy of grandma – lucky us we have such talent to take advantage of! Once she battled the nerves of shyness off after the first couple of candy-givers, Selah loved telling people that she was Rosetta (many people guessed butterfly), complete with a twirl to showcase the wings.



Our first stop was Ghost Village Road, our own downtown Montecito converted into trick-or-treat extravaganza…then we joined neighbors for a trip to the adjacent uber-popular street…along with about a thousand other groups of kids. Jesse & I were about as in awe as Selah, actually – although us for the amount of people out, and Selah for the candy. Each house, she’d run back to us after visiting with her little friend Madeline and she’d shout, “Mommy! They had TREATS!!!”. Then the next house would be, “Mommy! They gave us treats TOO!!”…or “Mommy!! That house had chocolate treats!!!”. Pretty impressive. Apparently she was expecting more tricks and less treats? Not sure, but the shock and awe was sure fun to witness. 😉
Equally impressive was the rainbow mullet on Daddy:


Another successful holiday in the books. And looks like the trend will continue… Today, Selah came home from school and told us, “You know what? There is another holiday coming up! Mom, it’s called Thanksgiving! And I’m going to make lots of good things for it”. So, we’ll see what that means…Until then, we’ll just be sustaining ourselves on the multitude of “treats” that we’re doling out over here 😉


(Pictured above – Mommy as Johnny football’s biggest fan & Auntie Linda as Minny Mouse)

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