Music Makers

Thought I’d share a sweet moment of Selah leading Asher to play the “drums” consisting of a wooden spoon on mini ketchup bottle, play pots & pans, and original lyrics a la Selah the musician. It’s a little dry in the beginning, but you must watch until Asher flashes me his handsome smile:
What a great big sister little Miss is. As she tells me every night, love her more than chocolate cupcakes (in her words, that’s A LOT, Mommy!) 😉

A Boy & His Dog (+ his sister’s fairies)

Poor Crash. Rarely a day (or picture) goes by without a fairy or two in his life. But, he seems content with it, so whatever. Mok, on the other hand, loves any kind of attention, fairy or otherwise. I almost entitled this video, My Vicious Pitbull Mix, but I was concerned what type of blog traffic I’d draw 😉
This pretty much showcases how laid back he is with our kiddos. I could almost leave him here to babysit while we go on a date or something (kidding, hold your calls to CPS). Love this little dog, and love these kiddos too (& of course love Lucy, my original fur kid):

Here are some of the sweet pictures of Selah, Asher, Lucy, and Mok…and our fairy friends as well 😉