We have quite the entertainer on our hands these days. This weekend Mommy & Selah made a “stage” to put on a puppet show. It’s so fun to see her little imagination. We had quite the time on Sunday decorating the cardboard stage, then putting on shows with her stuffed animals. We traded off being the “audience” and the “show”, but I of course had the most fun watching her. Here are a couple of clips for you to enjoy…

Her first “stint” as puppeteer:

Singing songs in the show was my highlight. Here’s Selah’s (or Boots, really) version of “You Are My Sunshine”:

And here is a clip of “Once Upon a Dream”:


Conversation this weekend:

Selah: (in a sad voice) Mom! I broke the iPad again.
Mom: Uh oh, how did that happen?
Selah: You broke it before though, right?
Mom: Yes, but what happened this time?
Selah: I stood on it.
Mom: That’s not right. You know better; why did you do that?
Selah: Mom! I thought it was a stage!

(Oh geez). The things we have coming for us with that one 😉