Tonight’s bedtime conversation, talking about our day:
Me: What did you learn at church today?
Selah: We learned tallinator.
Me: tall-inator? What’s that?
Selah: How to get taller.

A few nights ago:
Selah just out of the bath, putting on a “performance” in her dress/towel…with me as the “audience”
Selah: There are three dancers, Mom. I’m the pink, and there’s purple and blue.
Me: Beautiful dancing by all the ballerinas tonight!
Selah: (does a few twirls). Who won, Mom?
Me: I don’t think you “win” at dancing, honey. Everyone wins – dancing is fun for everyone.
Selah: (giggling followed by a serious explanation accompanied by her 3-going-on-16 eye roll) Mom, there’s ALWAYS a winner.
(Phew, we were beginning to wonder if she was our daughter until that competitive spirit! J/k)

Love that girl.

Flashback to October

This is going to be one big photo dump, but I was doing some photo projects and realized I never finished uploading October. What a great month…and how much Crashy has grown since then! Crazy what a month and a half will do…

First up was Halloween. Some pics before the party…Selah starring as Rosetta (Disney Garden Fairy), Asher starring as Johnny Football, Mommy as a bee (costume pulled out of a bin from who knows when), and Daddy (not pictured, I think) in his role as rainbow mullet crazy man :):

1 little fairy

2 the twirl

3 midway

4 followthrough

5 mom twirl

6 with mom

7 my sweet fairy

8 mom & kiddos

9 johnny football

10 handsome

Pumpkin selection was also a sweet time in October. Here’s a few from our favorite patch:

Little Miss Innocent
Little Miss Innocent

On our way!
On our way!
Daddy & Crashy
Daddy & Crashy
Sissy and her little bro
Sissy and her little bro
Sibling Love
Sibling Love
Kiss from sissy is the best
Kiss from sissy is the best
Daddy is such a good sport
Daddy is such a good sport
More of my fav two
More of my fav two
The Wheeler Clan
The Wheeler Clan
Corn Maze!
Corn Maze!
Our Sweet Hannah
Our Sweet Hannah

Thanks for putting up with all of our (late) pics! My promise for more current ones soon…

The Latest

Waiting for the kids to wake up so we can go tree shopping, so I decided to go through my phone posting pictures of the past few weeks.

We had to get a new crib because we broke our current one in an attempt to lower the mattress because of this:


He finally started a legitimate crawl about 3 weeks ago. And promptly skipped over using it much and now pulls up and attempts to walk around (assisted) everything he can pull up on. So our life has changed fairly quickly and substantially. He wants to climb like “Sissy” on just about anything:


He also love love loves our dogs. Mok continues to be the favorite of both Selah and Asher. It is understandable because he is considerably more tolerant than Lucy of mistreatment from children since he seems to adhere to the old “any attention is still attention” rule:




Selah & I love doing “art” together. Our latest was painting fairy houses:


We’ve made shrinky dinks to glue on as decorations but haven’t completed it yet. It’s mostly the process rather than the outcome, so frequently we neglect to “finish” our projects 😉

The two kiddos are quite the sibling pair. They are both pretty stoked on one another, and I have to say – Selah is the best with Ash, and conversely, Ash puts up with quite a bit from her too. They’re as different as can be at the same time as they’re two peas in a pod:






And last but not least, Jesse made it back from Iowa (nationals for volleyball) for my Christmas party yesterday evening. A quick pic of us cleaned up and ready to leave…and the little munchkin who didn’t want her Daddy to leave: