Tonight’s bedtime conversation, talking about our day:
Me: What did you learn at church today?
Selah: We learned tallinator.
Me: tall-inator? What’s that?
Selah: How to get taller.

A few nights ago:
Selah just out of the bath, putting on a “performance” in her dress/towel…with me as the “audience”
Selah: There are three dancers, Mom. I’m the pink, and there’s purple and blue.
Me: Beautiful dancing by all the ballerinas tonight!
Selah: (does a few twirls). Who won, Mom?
Me: I don’t think you “win” at dancing, honey. Everyone wins – dancing is fun for everyone.
Selah: (giggling followed by a serious explanation accompanied by her 3-going-on-16 eye roll) Mom, there’s ALWAYS a winner.
(Phew, we were beginning to wonder if she was our daughter until that competitive spirit! J/k)

Love that girl.

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