Selah Mornings

Oh the bed head on this beauty! It might be the best I’ve ever seen. Difficult even to catch the magnitude on film, however, I did my best this morning:


Tonight Hannah put her hair in braids so she’d have “curls” in the morning, so we’ll see how that holds up. Pictures pending 😉

Our Little Eater

To say Ash is a good eater might be the understatement of the year. This kid eats more than Selah, and often more than Jesse. It’s crazy.
His favorite food is spaghetti – he’ll choose it over other favorites (avocado, strawberries, blueberries) consistently…and he wears as much as he eats. I normally am not one to like watching people eat, but he cracks me up with his enthusiasm.
Here’s a clip from tonight that I thought aptly illustrated our dinners at home (click on link to watch):


Easter Day

Alright, I know none of you wait with bated breath for my posts filled with kid pictures. & anecdotes. However, it did feel a bit cruel to post on Easter Day and not even include a few on our day! So…I changed the order and will at least give today’s recap, then reverse back to our super sweet vacation memories 😉
Easter 2014 at Grandma’s included:
* a fun belated Asher CA birthday celebration (we were in HI on the day & have struggled with sickness ever since) at the park complete with picnic and cupcakes
* visits with great-grandma (GG), Nana & Papa, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Rose, Alyssa, and life-long family friends
* a combined park birthday celebration for Grandpa!
* Sewing leis with Grandma courtesy of beautiful looking and smelling plumerias and lei supplies from Grandma Home!
* Easter egg coloring (combined with Frozen singing & dancing) with cousin Alyssa
* Easter bunny egg trail to treats this morning
* Easter egg hunt! Followed by an Easter swim to try out a new suit from Grandma!
* Prayers of thankfulness this evening as a family. We are so blessed.

Here’s the same recap in pictures from my phone. I took my large camera so I’ll eventually download some better looking ones, but these paint the scene well regardless 😉 :






















Happy Easter! Ours sure was.

And, happy birthday to Grandpa! You are the best Dad (& now Grandpa!) I could ever have been given and certainly more than I’ve ever deserved! Our family is so blessed to have you, and thank you for a wonderful day at your house – and of course everything for the past 36 years too 😉

Way Back to February

So, happy Easter! I’d like to post some sweet Easter pics of the kids. Or for that matter, recap our Hawaii trip! Or…well…anything that’s happened since the last time I’ve posted, which is a lot!
But since I think I’ve only posted “Selahisms” since January, I’m actually going to post some iPhone pics from way back in February since this is basically the only place I am documenting my kiddos growing up! So those of you who’ve seem us recently, these are old news! 🙂
And those of you who haven’t – well, hang on, we’re a few months behind. Which is totally ages in kid-growing-up-time! So, I’ve missed a ton. Best example: Crasher essentially went from barely taking steps to climbing anything in sight. February was the barely-walking stage…
Here’s a few of Crashy in February in the most adorable beanie in the world:


And one of him eating spaghetti; easily this kid’s favorite food:

And a few of the kiddos together:

And Selah in her super cute rain gear. Pretty much on the only rainy day we’ve had this year (we’re in a bad drought so we could use it!):

Also in February – One of Selah’s favorite nights of the year (& probably Daddy’s #1 fav) – the Daddy-daughter Valentine’s dance:




And Selah cheering on her favorite track star (Hannah!):

Sliding with his favorite playmate – this one is funny to look back on since now he climbs up essentially by himself to go down, but here’s a flashback to getting “help” to go down:

And a few in another super cute beanie – a gift from Hannah for Christmas – a Colorado hat!



And last but definitely not least, capping off my February download with Valentine’s Day & a birthday date (36 years this year! Agh!):



Breakfast of champions (mini-cupcake, salted caramel style, of course):





Oh, and I lied! One more picture of my favorite bizarre artwork from preschool. I’m not a big ‘hoarder’ of Selah’s preschool creations unless they are frame-worthy (which a few actually are), but this one had to be captured on film before it was “lost”. It was for Groundhog Day, and how randomly weird is this:

It’s REAL (ok, potentially faux) fur, people. Glued onto a clearly creepy looking creature. Thank goodness Selah is smart enough to remind us it was Groundhog Day and to tell us about the shadow! Otherwise, she may have been in jeopardy of not returning to school again for my fear of faux fur projects! 😉

Sorry so long and disjointed. Next up is Hawaii vacation & Ashy’s birthday…then Easter…then attempting a more regularly scheduled program to keep on track. 🙂


In the car today, taking her to school, we passed the golf course:
Selah: What’s that place?
Me: Montecito Country Club. Daddy would like to golf there. If Mommy had unlimited money, I’d get him a membership so he could golf and we could swim all the time! But it’s realllly expensive.
Selah: (in a “mom” tone) Well, Mom, you just need to do a lot of chores and save, and then we can get that for Daddy.


Feeding the turtles this afternoon at Westmont, I stood up with Asher after bending down for awhile with her feeding, and the turtle went underwater. This conversation ensued:
Me: uh oh, I think I might have scared him!
Selah: that’s because you look like a monster…but you’re really just my mom.
(Hmmm…I could really take that the wrong way! 😉 )

Love that girl – just had to post a few so we won’t forget, but there are a lot more I need to document, that’s for sure.