In the car today, taking her to school, we passed the golf course:
Selah: What’s that place?
Me: Montecito Country Club. Daddy would like to golf there. If Mommy had unlimited money, I’d get him a membership so he could golf and we could swim all the time! But it’s realllly expensive.
Selah: (in a “mom” tone) Well, Mom, you just need to do a lot of chores and save, and then we can get that for Daddy.


Feeding the turtles this afternoon at Westmont, I stood up with Asher after bending down for awhile with her feeding, and the turtle went underwater. This conversation ensued:
Me: uh oh, I think I might have scared him!
Selah: that’s because you look like a monster…but you’re really just my mom.
(Hmmm…I could really take that the wrong way! 😉 )

Love that girl – just had to post a few so we won’t forget, but there are a lot more I need to document, that’s for sure.


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