A Frozen Birthday

So, for those not familiar with the “Frozen” craze among kiddos currently, it might seem strange to be having a winter-themed party during a hot spell in the 100’s for the past couple of days! But – it’s the latest Disney princess craze – and my 4-year-old is no exception! She loves her Queen Elsa & Princess Anna, so of course Mom had to go with the themed party again – yep, I’m a sucker for a theme! And although Dad doesn’t admit it often, I know he is too – especially when it comes to his princess’s 4th birthday! 😉
Here was some of our “prep” for the big day:
Olaf the Snowman (for Selah) and a baby Sven the reindeer (for Asher) greeted her in the morning guarding her presents:

Mom (& Hannah!) stayed up decorating the night before so she’d be surprised that morning:

And of course, her favorite present – courtesy of Daddy who waited in line before the store released the dolls (!)

Asher “kissing” his Sven:

And Daddy was also kind enough to share his day – her party was actually ON Jesse’s birthday. So we did a birthday breakfast for the “birthday twinsies”:

With his two babies – in one split moment when Asher was relatively still:

And the setup for the party! My favorite part is planning the cake, so here was my snowflake cake & attempt at the ice castle with the Frozen cast:



I caught a 1/2 picture on my phone of my handsome little man:

And before the craziness began, tried to get the family together:


I’m only posting pictures from my iPhone, but I’m hoping my camera caught a better shot of her dress. It was the PERFECT Elsa dress – made by Grandma – and Selah looked SO adorable in it. And she loved it! She also wore it to Disneyland for her actual birthday, but I’ll post those later. Here’s some party shots…oh, and they are complete with the actual Queen Elsa who we “invited” to come by ;). Boy was that worth it! So sweet to see her face mesmerized by the moment.


I’ll download more party pics when I can plug my camera in, but at the very least wanted to get the main story down here – what a perfect day the party was…to be followed by a Disney trip on the “real” birthday day 😉 …