Tea Cups

There are basically two main things that Selah is obsessed with regarding Disneyland: 1. Princesses (& meeting them) and 2. Tea Cups (the ride). We have lots of photos of both, but my personal favorites are the tea cups series, so we’ll start with that.
Asher, Selah, & I were going to go on alone, since Daddy & Hannah had fast passes for Space Mountain, but lucky for us 3 – Space Mountain had other ideas and broke down. Not as lucky was Daddy, not being a big fan of the tea cups :). But I think his little girl won him over with her very obvious joy that ALL of us were going to go with her! She hammed it up the whole time, as evidenced in the pictures. And Ashy, being his normal self, went right along with the plan, head first, no fear, trying to turn the wheel the whole time.
I’m pretty sure this ride was a highlight of her 4th birthday she won’t forget. Here’s the pics, that I couldn’t narrow down because they all make me smile. Even the cut-off group “selfie” shots:
















And, for those of you that want a good laugh, the first few seconds of this video of our ride are pretty classic. Don’t mind my obnoxious laughing and Jesse’s over-the-top teasing that he was going to get sick, but more look for the priceless smile on Selah’s face and her hamming-it-up for the dizziness ;). Love this girl. Here’s the video link:

Oh, to be 4 years old at the Happiest Place on Earth! 😉

Just a Peek

For those of you not on Instagram, a few peeks of a surprising new love for Asher:


Yes, reading! As in – stops moving for more than 20 seconds and SITS! And concentrates on something! (He’s crazy most of the time; constant moving is apparently his method to avoid any urge to be calm or rest).
It’s really sweet actually. Especially because Selah LOVES reading to him. We get a subscription to a little magazine for her and accompanying laminated “book” for him and the first thing she does try to memorize his so she can read it to him. That is the picture of her above, reading his new monthly “book”.
And these are the moments we remember why we had two 🙂