Our Evenings

Just thought some of you might get a kick out of Selah’s loose rendition of singing and dancing tonight…along with cameos from her freshly bathed (ie. naked) baby brother. For those unfamiliar with Frozen, Let It Go is a main song from the movie. This isn’t Selah’s best singing of the song, but as you’ll see, the extreme interpretive dance was pretty intensive, so it is no wonder the vocals suffered a bit ;). Enjoy, family:


Apparently I have not taught my girly girl very much about shopping, based on our “play” conversation tonight.
Playing “Frozen”, I was Princess Anna & she was Queen Elsa. They decided to switch skirts because sisters can do those things, you know. The ensuing conversation went like this:
Princess Anna (Mom): I like your beautiful skirt, Elsa.
Queen Elsa (Selah): Thank you.
Princess Anna (Mom): Where did you get it?
Queen Elsa (Selah): Home Depot.

I didn’t know Home Depot now carries an ice princess line! 😉