Our Singing Baby Girl

I’ve been wanting to film her singing with Hannah because she gets really into it, but Selah is more into the moment than into the camera – in fact, rarely when we pull out the phone does she even continue. So today Hannah video’d her when we were driving. It isn’t the full “performance”, but it’s still cute and entertaining so thought I’d share. Here’s the ever-popular ‘Let It Go’ courtesy of our own Selah Rae:

Happy Sunday 🙂

One Reply to “Our Singing Baby Girl”

  1. Dear Saleh,       I want you to know how much I enjoyed your singing.  You do a terrific job of singing.  I just wish I could hear you more often.  We”ll have to get together for a picnic real soon.  We can sing together then. I hope you have a super great  week.   Love you, Nana

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