Brave Girl

Selah is pretty predictable, but every once in awhile she’ll surprise me. It happened yesterday at the pool when she, unprompted by me, decided she wanted to jump off the diving board! She did it about 20 times in a row and could even manage to swim all the way to the side by herself. Proud Mama here. (And feeling better about our “investment” in swim lessons, haha).
I apologize for the screaming in the video (you may want to turn off the sound, seriously) – Crasher was not as impressed with his sister, and wanted Mom to take him in the water! Poor Hannah basically had to hold him to the ground in order to video since I wasn’t comfortable having Selah do it all by herself quite yet! Here’s one of the many jumps:

And one with Hannah after I placated Asher:

So excited she loves the water! A girl after my own heart…even though I had to force her into a few years of lessons to make her that way, ha ha. 😉

Now, Crashy? That boy would go off the diving board right this minute if I let him! No fear in that one, so I’ll be getting him in lessons soon to protect him from himself! 🙂

Love those kids more than I could have imagined, different as they can be, equally as loved.

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