Mok-ey the Brave

Mok (rhymes with poke) is our vicious pit bull mix. He’s actually a big cuddly ball of sweetness – the best “kid-friendly” dog I’ve ever seen. He’s amazingly tolerant with Selah loving on him and Crashy terrorizing him (mostly simultaneous events). He also refuses to believe he isn’t a lap dog and insists on proving it when he gets the chance.

This series of photos on my phone from last week cracked me up when I flipped through them tonight. Just picture it: Selah begging him to cuddle in the patio chair with her, Asher climbing up and attempting to “ride” him, then getting down and proceeding to threaten them both with a wood block (never know when mundane items are going to become projectiles with that kid). It’s not the photography that gets me. It’s how these less than mediocre photos tell the story of maybe a 2 minute period of simple joy. A memory captured of laughing with my kids and enjoying our messy life together. Our messy, beautiful life:









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