Video Update

A few weeks back we bought a little “learn to read” box at Costco and asked Hannah to maybe work with her on it when Asher was napping in the mornings…and she just started & Selah is pretty amazing (you know, biased Mom speaking!) for how long she’s done this. I’ll just stop writing and show the sweet video Hannah sent this AM:

In other news, Ashy got to interact with a pretty cool frog last night. Hannah was taking some frogs for a friend overnight and he was pretty into it. That is – until the frog jumped off Hannah onto Selah and she FREAKED out. You’d have thought she broke her arm. Or maybe cut off a limb. Not sure, having not experienced either of those, but basically a shriek of unhuman tone, loudness, and length emerged from poor Selah that sufficiently made Asher wary enough of the frog to really not want to get too near. Although, the curiosity was still there. I got some pictures prior to the scream, but only managed to get video after, which makes him appear much more disturbed by the frog than he actually was. Here’s both:






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