Lake revisit

So, it was a few weeks ago, but I never posted about our inaugural lake trip, or the one after. I guess I’ve been procrastinating until I have “time” to give it the justice it deserves, since this blog not only keeps family informed, but also acts as my “scrapbook” since I clearly don’t have the energy for a real one of those! 😉
I digress. Essentially, the newest Wheeler purchase was a boat. I’ve struggled with it being such an “excessive” purchase – I mean this is my DREAM boat (!) – but it’s not about having the “toy”. For me, it’s literally about the memories as a family to be made. The very best ever memories I have of my childhood involve the lake. I love the water, the sound of our boat, skiing, the smell of the air, ‘beaching’ all day, the warm afternoon wind, going back to the lake house and cooking as a group, and sitting and playing games at the house with friends. I love everything about the lake, and it just brings me back to the very best memories that I can even think of from every part of my life. Heck, it’s where Jesse proposed because he knew I love it so much!
So, the boat was an emotional purchase, for sure. In fact, probably one of the only I’ve made (I usually err on the more practical side of things, and a boat certainly doesn’t fall in that category). And I pray my kids have as many good memories with us in it as I do with my mom & dad.
Fittingly, Grandma & Grandpa joined us for our Inauguration Day!

Others of the first outing:











What a great first trip out. So much fun.
And the next weekend a high school friend of mine joined us with her kids. Selah hasn’t stopped thanking Jesus in her nightly prayers for these kids, so I think that weekend was a hit too. Here’s some gems from that:
The kiddos in my dad’s boat:

Asher’s first tube ride:



Selah & I take our turn:




So, all in all, so far boat = success in the fun memories department! In fact, I don’t even have a single pic on my phone of the actual boat itself. We’re apparently too busy having fun using it. And…the reason I needed to unload these older pics tonight…we’re headed up for more lake fun with friends tomorrow for this weekend.
What a blessing family is, and the cherry on top is really our extended family – Hannah most especially – but also friends we’ve made & kept along the way & who we get to share life with. Happy weekend, all!

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