Proud Mama, Round 2

Just posted the lake pics and realized I had a few “proud mama” moments this past week!
One was Selah deciding she was brave enough to climb to the VERY top of the wall at the rock climbing gym!



My brave girl! It was high! And she did a great job of focusing and just doing it. I was impressed. This is a rock climbing gym right outside her acting camp she’s been going to for three weeks. They have a camp and Selah & Hannah have passed a few times on the way in/out of class, and Selah has been with Hannah once before (but didn’t conquer the top apparently). This was Selah’s 2nd time climbing and my first time watching, so I was totally impressed.

And the other proud mama moment was the Frozen performance for the acting/singing camp she’s been attending. It’s a camp for 4-6 year olds with a performance at a legit stage in town at the end. Selah was a little iffy through the camp on if she was (1) enjoying herself and (2) going to actually go through with singing her solo and saying her lines. I have to say – I was pleasantly surprised by her “performance”, and also very happy that she enjoyed herself doing it. The teachers did a great job with that age group. We’re supposed to receive a DVD, so hopefully that will turn out nice for family unable to make the show. Grandma & Grandpa drove in 2 hours (each way) just for it, and we (& Selah) were so grateful they were able to enjoy it with us. We’re also indebted to Grandma for her ‘Anna’ costume! She played the youngest princess, pictured here perfecting her twirls:







I have some great photos of the kids and our family on our nice camera, but thought I’d better post now from my iPhone before the memories faded into the distance, which happens faster than I’d like these days!

I’ll say it one more time to add to the thousands of others, but boy are we blessed to have these days. I am beyond thankful.

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