Proud Mama

Had to just post a few pics of the last two days at the lake. Such a proud mama! Selah tried her ski trainer yesterday at the lake and did AWESOME!


She started slow and built up to a pretty good clip. In fact, second time out we played Frozen music full blast on the boat stereo and she didn’t miss a beat – every lyric she sang along to! Hannah got a video of it (disclaimer on the videography: Hannah was also holding a tired & squirmy Crashy through it, hence some of the shakier spots…might want to take a Dramamine before watching…). 😉
What a cutie patootie she was (of course, biased Mama)…Love, love, LOVE being at the lake with these babes.



Oh, sorry, that was my other babe! 😉 (who’s also doing awesome at wake boarding & now wake surfing too!)



Asher isn’t up for the ski trainer yet (or really, we’re just not up for him on it yet – he’s ready to go at anything basically). So, we stuck to the deer this time:

And boat loungin’ with his fav lady (besides Mom of course):

And just two more gems left….one of Selah waking up after sleeping outside on the deck with Dad:

I’m pretty sure she’s in the running for Best Bed Head Shot of the Year.

And two, from our previous lake trip – a little slow-mo video action (we like playing with our iPhone effects) of Daddy throwing her off the boat swim step. Don’t worry, it was at her request, I promise!

How blessed we are. Great friends to share these moments with, and generous family that is so willing to share their house with us. My kids will someday realize just how much of a blessing these times and sweet memories are. For now, they’ll just know they had a great time at the lake, and take a few days of sleep in their own beds to recover from the nonstop excitement! 🙂

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