The “Radio”

Tonight Hannah, Selah, & I ventured to girl’s night at the rodeo.

Hannah explained it to Selah, who proceeded to speculate on the “radio” and what it would be like to attend, and of course – question of all questions – what should she wear?! (Clearly this is a very justifiable concern. Duh, Mom). Luckily, Hannah convinced Selah to wear the cutest outfit on earth and she pulled out her boots and super-adorable dress from Auntie Nicci. Mom (moi) of course proceeded to attempt to over-document because who knows when I’ll get my kid in SHOES again! (We’re an almost-exclusively flip-flip household so this is novel.)

Here’s a few of Selah & I and Selah & Hannah – at dinner & the bull riding “radio”:









A fun night of backyard bowls, kettle corn, bull riding (watching), laughing, and great company. Once again – super duper blessed over here. And so thankful.

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