Finger (ish) Painting & Other Weekend Shenanigans

It’s been too long since I posted. I’ve been procrastinating, you know. It’s because I have all of these super cute pics on my phone of the kids and Hannah before she left, and I’ve wanted to do a legitimate “bye, Hannah” post and haven’t had the appropriate amount of time to devote to such a thing. It deserves more attention, of course. Not a passing thought of how we’ll miss her and how special she was (and we will and she is, don’t get me wrong). She is just “more” to us than that, so it is deserving of a separate post that is more organized and well thought out. So, I’ll put you on hold for that. (I’m sure with bated breath ;), thanks!).

In the meantime, here was our Sunday Funday. Started as “finger” paint…and we all know Crasher knows no meaning of anything contained, so “finger” didn’t really even start there. It pretty much began as “hand” paint and digressed quickly into “paint on everything I can possibly reach” – body parts and nearby household fixtures included.






We also drug the wagon up to the track so I could attempt some exercise. I often have impeccable timing and this was no exception – we left around 2 pm, which was near the heat of the day. Bonus: Selah and Asher wore sunglasses! Ok, for maybe 5 minutes, and in self defense of their own retinas burning off (refer to previous anecdote on a 2 pm start time). But – in true Mom fashion – I documented the occasion because they look so cute in glasses!


Wish I could have caught Ashy looking up in them, but hey, you take what you can get.

On Saturday afternoon (who needs chronological, I’ll just go backwards!), we also checked out the new trampoline gym. It had a great play structure for the littles, so we’ll for sure be back. Both kids enjoyed it – Selah is a master jumper. I was enjoying it so much I only caught one pic. Asher & Daddy on the play structure entrance:


Prior to the trampoline park, Ashy made himself right at home in his water table. And by water table, I really mean, personal spa (according to Asher):




He ventured outside and I noticed his shirt was getting soaked so I ran inside to get a dry one to throw on before we left home. He took the 5 second opportunity to climb on in and lounge a bit. Fully clothed in the water table toy – just enjoying his tennis balls and a little dip in some H2O.
That. Kid.


He’s pretty lucky he’s so dang cute! 😉




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