Video Roundup

Videos belong in their own post. Well, the truth of the matter is that I’m lazy and upload all my videos at once, so by default they’re in one post. No matter the cause, the effect is pretty cute. Here’s the roundup of the past few weeks:

Crasher learned a “peace sign” from his cousins. Modified in his own Crashy way of course! Hojo asked Asher to do a peace sign, demonstrating it for him. Asher copied with only one finger up, so Hojo said, “now show me two”. Asher obliged, but held up one finger on each hand. Hojo is calling him a “wise guy” already! And Asher being the ham that he is, loves the laughs so continues his “trick”:

Selah was inspired in Hawaii to “surf” with her Daddy, so they caught a few waves this weekend. It was super sweet – so much so that I mostly watched instead of filming, but remembered to capture at least one towards the end:

We also captured one of the rides that inspired Selah’s newfound passion for the ocean – a sunset surf session on the North Shore of Oahu courtesy of her big cousin Taoa. What a lucky girl this one is (and brave!):

Also in Hawaii, she got to go to the waterpark with all four cousins and Hannah (& Mommy, not pictured here). Her favorite was a big green slide she could do with everyone at once. She still talks about it. Here was her first run:

A slow motion capture by Taoa with the waterproof camera housing:

Another wave at sunset with both Taoa & Hojo. I love that her little arms are paddling into it on this one:

Here was a short video of the “practice” for her prior, complete with paddling coaching courtesy of her four “trainers” (Taoa, Hojo, Pito, & Eli – who also happen to be cousins, of course):

It wouldn’t be complete without at least one video of Asher, right? His favorite past time in Hawaii was “horse”! Every morning when he woke, it was “horse!”, “horse!”, asking me to take him to see the horses on the ranch. Well, at least until he could find Uncle Teva to give him a ride! (Then it was “ride?”, “ride?). Here’s a short shot of feeding one horse some hay:

Not nearly as exciting as surfing…however, throwing rocks also came in at top of the list of Asher’s favorite Hawaii past times. One day we went snorkeling and I took a short video of Asher playing in the tide pool – to prove he actually went on vacation with us AND made it in the ocean at least once. He still isn’t into the waves, but this was protected enough for him to play:

Enough videos already, Mom? Ok, got it. I’ll leave you with just one more. A slice of Ms. Personality herself…it’s rare it is on film, but I’m not sure she knew (she’ll thank me later). Complete with goggles, vest (we were snorkeling together!), and her “Hawaiian-style” comment. Man, I love this girl:

So blessed am I, that’s for sure! šŸ˜šŸ˜˜

Next up, pictures! šŸ“·šŸŒ…

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