Girly Girl

Today when I got home I had a rare moment…both kids still napping. Then an even rarer one occurred – just Selah woke up and her brother kept sleeping for maybe 30-45 more minutes. So…what to do with those precious sweet moments with just my first baby?! “Girl time” of course, Selah says! So, girl time it was.
First I did her hair:

I’m no Hannah, but I’ve been working on the Dutch braid a few times, so it’s close. Selah isn’t super excited about hair anyways, so she was definitely more up for the manicure-pedicure action:







My toes not pictured. However, she did a great job. My favorite moments of the day were right there. From her concentration right down to the soft song she sang under her breath. When I asked her what she was singing, she said, oh, just a made-up song, Mom. About this girl-time.

Oh. My. Heart. Stop before it explodes. 💓💗💓💗💓

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