Water park

Selah had looked forward to water park day in Hawaii more than any other day. She loves the waterpark by grandma’s house, so I think it was something familiar that she knows she likes (as opposed to the ocean stuff that she was still a little iffy on).

Unfortunately the night before we went, I wound up in the ER with poor little Ashy and a nasty case of croup. No bueno. I’m pretty sure the scariest feeling in the world is your baby being sick…and struggling to breathe pretty much tops them all. Ashy was a trooper as always, still handing out smiles, but boy it was scary.

He recovered enough after having a round of two breathing treatments and some steroids to be able to still tear apart our room in true Ashy-fashion. And nothing like a healthy breakfast of Vienna sausage & POG in the ER (?). Only in Hawaii, I guess:

As it ended up, I was on the verge of skipping the waterpark. However, since Asher was commanded to rest and relax, we actually thought it was better to get all the action (ie. kids) out of the house and leave him to Auntie Nicci & Uncle Teva. Lucky boy got to hang out all day, and lucky us got to go with Selah and all the cousins to the water park. Selah had a blast and still talks about the day, so it was well worth it. I think I posted some videos earlier, so just the pictures left:




My mermaid:


Group shot:

Selah & Pito, best buds:




Selah also was super brave and at my request, did a “big-people” slide. Eli lovingly warned us it was a kinda scary one…but Selah braved it out. And pretty much hated every minute of it. But she was a champ. Pictures of it don’t quite capture the scale, but it was pretty gnarly. Very fast & very big for a little girl & her 4 big cousins (& mom!):



Fun day with my sweet girl (& Hannah & I too) after a long scary night with my precious baby boy.

Not that you need those scary moments to appreciate the fun ones, but juxtaposing them so closely did of course heighten my sense of gratitude. I am so thankful for my amazing kiddos, a supportive husband (even when he was from afar he was there for us – and on his first week of a new job, no less!), and our incredibly awesome extended family who my kids just adore. So blessed around here. 😍❤️😘💜

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