SB Sunset

Pretty blessed to live here. Tonight we were escaping home, where we had a new living room window being installed – which meant lots of noise & even more dust. So, since Daddy was at a volleyball game, I took the munchkins to Shipwreck Park at Shoreline. We had to park probably a good 1/2 mile away because there was some sort of event at the beach. I’d say “unfortunately”, but how unfortunate is walking a 1/2 mile viewing what is arguably one of the most beautiful backdrops ever. I attempted to snap a few pics, but was hesitant – just because you never know when Asher will sprint off the curb and risk his life in traffic because he thinks it’s a great idea. So, I kept a safe grabbing distance.
After running a good portion of the way, he decided crawling was better:

Then we proceeded to run around palm trees and see who was faster. Selah wins:




Then we mosied home. I love a good beach sunset, I really do. However, now with our new window, this was my improved living room view:

It’s no beach sunset, but I’ll take the scenery of a joyful child (especially mine! Bonus!) any day. And these kiddos are joyful when it comes to trampoline jumping, that’s for sure! Now that Selah knows I could see out that window, even when I was in the kitchen (not by the window), she kept saying, “mom! Go watch me! No! From the new window!”. I’m sure my own mother is smiling knowing I have a strong case of the “Mommy-watch-me’s” ready to flare up for the next, oh…8 years or so, I suppose? 😉
I’ve said it a thousand times, but it bears repeating. I’m. So. Blessed.


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