Growing up

I haven’t historically been so on too of documentation of “firsts”. I guess I felt confident I would remember Selah’s firsts – she was my firstborn and it’s all so exciting, how could I forget?! (Read: ummm…pretty easily. I can’t even remember her first food?! Terrible mom). So, anyways, in my effort to blog as a scrapbook, we had another first this week!
First trip to the dentist!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Clearly neither was Selah:

But, she not only did x-rays where she has to hold that little sensor in her mouth, but she also powered through an entire cleaning and check-up. I was so proud.



She was pretty pumped afterwards. Partly because she was really nervous and I could tell afterwards had a little but of the remaining adrenaline high from being so nervous, then being so proud of herself for doing so well. And partly because I had promised her a Yogurtland date after!




This little growing beauty never ceases to amaze.

Since it was Tuesday (ie. game day), it was just myself and the kiddos, so after Yogurtland we decided to go join Crasher at home and paint some mini-pumpkins we grabbed on the way home:

The pumpkin painting went faster than expected, so being the quick-thinking improvisational expert (ie. Mother), I made the executive decision to paint rocks after:


True to most things in life, the improv painted rocks have been the most popular toy all week with Asher, so that’s worked out well.

And, surprise of the week: the morning after the first dentist trip, Selah woke us up in bed and opens with, “Mom, can I go to the dentist again today? That was fun!” I guess I’d call that a success! 😉

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