In Other News

I apologize for the lack of recent updates, and now the overload…but I wanted to make sure and upload my favorites before I forget what we’ve done recently.
This one pretty much made my heart explode:

Asher loved telling Papa all about the magazine. Or at least the “car, car, car”. That word is much more clear than “motorcycle”, although there is no mistaking “ride! Ride! Ride!” at the lake with Grandpa:

He also was hesitant to leave behind summer and the “boat! Boat! Boat!”:


And last but not least, here’s my little ballerina on observation day (parents are not normally invited to watch, so this was our first visit):







Oh, and as long as I’m documenting life, I should add one line picture of Selah’s trip to the ER a few Friday evenings ago:


I know, looks scary with the iPad playing and a rice crispy treat. I clearly am making this too enticing to have an “emergency”…but although she seemed fine, it was a staph infection in a cut in her knee, so good we went in to nip that one in the bud! Hoping we’re done with ER’s for awhile. Between Asher in Hawaii and Selah here, I’m done with all of that. Emotionally AND financially, haha.

Better one to end on:

Bro and sis on our Saturday morning coffee run. Sometimes the “normal” stuff is the most fun. 😃

Speaking of the most fun, I’m missing one of the best things in the past few weeks. I regrettably did not take pictures of Gramma Homee and Grampee’s recent visit. I guess I was caught up enjoying them while they were here and playing with the kiddos, but somehow I failed miserably on documentation. I have no good excuse, and I scoured both my phone and Jesse’s, but to no avail. I will just have to suffice it to say that it was of course wonderful to see them and altogether much too short of a visit. ❤️ I guess it means we’ll just have to head to Hawaii soon. 😉😍

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