First Day of Cool

November is kind of a big deal here at the Wheelers this year! Why, you say? Well, it was our little man’s start of school! He joined Selah at her “cool”, as he puts it.
A short video of the car ride there:
Pretty sweet how Selah was “nervous” to take him. These pictures pretty much sum up how getting out of the house (& taking Mom’s token picture commemorating the experience) went:




However, the report on the day turned out better than the pictures, thankfully. Turns out our little politician-in-training won over everyone with his charm and charisma. Even Selah was impressed how much Ashy likes ‘cool.
Here’s proof; this is a video of Jesse picking him up at the end of the day:
Looks like Asher liked school so well he didn’t want to leave – the only thing stopping him was tripping so Daddy could catch up.
Mixed feelings for Mommy, of course. So thankful all went well, while at the same time so sad my little baby boy is growing up all too fast and wish I could just stop time for a second to enjoy. But life doesn’t slow down so we’ll just keep smiling and keep our ‘cool šŸ˜‰ like Asher Keith šŸ˜Ž.

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