Slowing Down

Thought I’d share my morning pics from a nice park trip today.

Daddy was working on some electrical for the house, so I tried to get the munchkins out from underfoot (& really off the top of the ladder…Asher is very interested, to say the least, in what Daddy was doing in the attic!). So we went pine one hunting at Rocky Nook park to find some pine cones to make bird feeders. Not all too exciting, but the best parts of life at the same time. Nature, swings, laughs, & snacks. Cannot complain there.
Here’s some of us being silly eating our snacks on a rock by the trail:




This is totally safe, right?


Just swinging:


Exploring is my favorite:



Asher likes selfies the best:

Not the best pictures in the world, and not the most exciting of activities. But slowing down on a Saturday to enjoy those sweet faces is literally my favorite thing in the world right now. I just know I won’t be able to do it forever so I’m getting as much of it as I can in now. Thank goodness they love it right along with me! 😋

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