Curious George

(Updated – hit publish accidentally before!)

Crashy has taken to yelling “monkey!”, “monkey”, “monkey show”! Whenever he wakes up and climbs on the couch…knowing we’ll let him wake up to his favorite show, Curious George.

He even makes the sweet little ooh ooh ahh ahh just like his favorite monkey. It’s pretty cute…and the curious, inadvertently, sweet monkey character George is all too often uncannily similar to my little mini trouble magnet himself. Today after work as he stealthily spread Cheerios over our entire living room, I couldn’t help but laugh and capture a few of the moments of our own “monkey”!




PBS was onto something with this one. I’ll gladly clean up after my own little monkey boy if it means I get to hang on to his sweet mischievous innocence just a little bit longer…





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