Nothing Better

Few things in life are better than breakfast out with the family on a sunny Saturday morning in Santa Barbara. French toast, hot chocolate, bacon, my people, and crisp fall air (yes, low 60’s can be crisp – that is fall enough for me, nothing beyond sweatshirt weather necessary, thankyouverymuch).




This weekend was full of “nothing better” moments. Just those simple things enjoyed with my kids and husband. Well, a few with just kids (it was Jesse’s last volleyball game and it was away, so he left noonish on Saturday), and the kids and I went to a birthday party. I didn’t capture a lot of moments there (most we’re spent keeping Asher from either destroying their house, or some mildly dangerous
predicament he likes to get into), but I did grab a few of him and his friend Naomi:


So sweet.
Sunday was even sweeter because it was an entire designated “family day”, which are the very best sort of days around here. Started with just lazy playing at home. Pictured here: some sort of kitchen floor picnic complete with Mok the attention-hog (& best kid-dog in the world):

The kids and I also made pine cone bird feeders (an activity Selah saw on Disney Junior) with pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. I’m
Pretty sure Asher ate more than he made, but hey, technicalities. Here we are hanging the final product, which looks much more glamorous than our kitchen table covered in peanut butter and floor covered in bird seed:











Pretty fun.
We topped of the day with a trip to the zoo to meet my friend Andrea and her kids. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the new baby giraffe, but he wasn’t out yet so we enjoyed feeding the new dad. Here’s a video that prettying captures the essence of the differences in my kids:
We topped off the zoo trip with a BBQ dinner at a friend’s house. Lots of “nothing better” moments to put down in the books. Now to make it through the week until we get to do it all again! šŸ˜‰

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