Thanksgiving 2014

Happy New Year! In preparation for tonight’s festivities, I went to take a picture and the memory is full on my phone! Imagine that with the amount of pictures I take of these munchkins 😉.

So, I went back here to download a few memories to keep. Looks like I’ve done a poor job of keeping up – especially considering I don’t think I posted any Thanksgiving photos (or if I did, I apologize for the repeat!). Actually, I take it back, I think I posted a few from the big camera, but not my phone.

Thanksgiving weather couldn’t have been better. In fact, I should even rephrase the title – this isn’t truly Thanksgiving – it’s really our beach day before Thanksgiving! Either way, it was sweet time with Selah & Asher on the beach. All the pics were taken before we met up with cousins…I tend to document when we’re hanging as a family, then forget when there’s stuff I’d love pictures of – like family we see once a year! But, nonetheless, here’s our Thanksgiving morning at Avila Beach:





















We certainly blessed to live here! What a perfect day in the middle of November! (And as I type, we’re getting some cold weather too – nice little combo actually!)

A typical evening

Not too spectacular of a video (or post, for that matter), but for documentation purposes, I recorded a typical evening “run”:
Literally at least 20-30 minutes every night are spent using the path between kitchen and living room as a runway. Mostly for racing; sometimes for jumping; occasionally for soccer playing, backwards walking, or twirling…but always for fun. Love these two silly “runners” with all my heart! ❤️

My Little Slice of Heaven

Call me crazy (like you already haven’t!), but I always have been a little jealous of that family with matching Christmas pajamas. Not even kidding. I have no explanation really even; haven’t ever really thought about why (& probably won’t).
However, when Grandma gave us a Christmas Eve package tonight, I can say it was my own little slice of heaven wrapped in a bow:

I now am that family with matching Christmas pajamas! I guess I’ve officially “made it”, thanks to my Mom! 😉 haha.

Merry Christmas, all. Much love & many blessings from the Wheeler family. So thankful to Jesus for this day.

Here Fishy Fishy

The fish named Kitty sure has hung in there with us! Betas must be a petty hearty species of fish, considering we aren’t the most “attentive” owners when it comes to fish…and when we are attentive, I’d go so far as to say we might actually be smothering – in both amounts of food AND “petting” attempts.

Needless to say, Asher is certainly more curious about Kitty than Selah. Any time he is in the vicinity of the window sill that Kitty calls his home, he persistently begs to feed him. I’ve found a fairly good method that consists of ME choosing the amount of food (based on experience with Asher choosing – who thinks Kitty’s appetite is near the level of his own), and letting him put it in the top of the tank.

He also can just barely fit his entire hand through the small opening (clearly intended for depositing food, not shoving a baby hand through)…which means that once he gets it in and commences attempts to touch the fish, it is all I can do to get his hand back out of the hole. This of course creates a dicey situation for Kitty, a not-so-fun task for Mom, and pretty much has no effect on Asher who continues to focus on, “fish? Eat? Food? Eat? Food! Eat!” (I’m fairly certain he wants Kitty to eat from his hand like Mok takes a treat. Clearly more interactive expectations here).

Anyone in our household longer than a good 5 minutes can probably picture the volume, frequency, and persistence level increase.

This morning was no exception, although it started just after Crasher’s new daily morning request to take off his shirt, pants, & diaper. However chaotic the naked fish feeding was, you wouldn’t know it from the pics.
Funny how it’s easier in a moment captured on film to see the childlike wonder and simple awe of a bare bummed baby boy feeding a fish on a counter in the morning sun.



Yes, this right here is the opening I’d like to shove my hand into, Mama!


Just resting a second…



The actual moment was a bit more hectic, ever-so-slightly more dangerous (he’s on a wet counter ledge with me standing behind him, of course, but with maybe-slightly-divided attention between spotting him, snapping the iPhone camera, & dodging drying Christmas crafts), but every bit as cute as the pictures. I also caught a quick video for your viewing pleasure:
Just thought it was a halfway humorous glimpse of our morning, with a cute baby bum to boot.

The Play

Such a fun experience to go with my mom and daughter to watch a play at a theatre where I did the same thing as a kid.

One of life’s best “to-do’s”. 🎅🎄⛄️❤️
Merry Christmas!

Girl weekend

If I’m honest, I spend more time with Asher when I’m home. He’s just more needy, so ends up being Mama’s boy while Selah gets Daddy time. It’s not bad or good, it usually just “is”.
But this weekend is especially fun for me because Daddy had some boy time planned, so Selah I ended up hiking yesterday morning, and having a girl date last night. (And today we’re going to a play!)
Before I let the moment pass, I wanted to post pics from our date! Starting with the carousel at sunset (a beautiful pink that my iPhone didn’t catch), shopping for Christmas as the Beach House, dinner downtown at Habit, then topping it off with Yogurtland and walking State Street looking at lights.






My favorite pic are the two on the carousel where she is lost in her world. We were “racing” our horses, Laura and Paint, through a field. Selah is so great. She’s imaginative, sweet, creative, smart, sensitive, and fun (mostly 😉). I’m so blessed to be her Mama.


More often than not, I get sad thinking about my babies growing up. Each time Crashy falls asleep on me, I think, “Soak it up, Mama! You never know how long he’ll do that!”
However, today was not one of those days with Selah. It happened to be one of those times you think, “Finally! My daughter is old enough to actually do and enjoy something I love!”

Today when I told her I was going hiking, she asked to come. This was risky considering previous experiences include: whining, complaining, carrying, waiting, crying, and oh yeah, did I mention the whining? However, I told Jess: #1. It’s good for her to be outside exercising. #2. It’s something she wants to like…but just hasn’t yet, and it’s something I want her to like. How would that happen without at least trying again? So, I took the risk.

And it paid off! Yay!

We made it a total adventure! Jumping over “grand canyons”…

Stopping to take selfies (at Selah’s request, because, “Mom! This is a good selfie spot!”)…

Finding ‘secret gardens’, where “probably water fairies live” according to Selah…

It was literally the best.


Some of our better points of conversation:
1. (We were walking and could here birds & crickets) Selah: Mom, did you know animals can hear us before we hear them?
Mom: really? How do you know that? From school?
Selah: no. Because our dogs always hear us before we come home. And they have bigger ears. So they can hear us from really far away.
Mom: you’re right! Animals are definitely better listeners than us.
Selah: except they can’t hear us all the way in San Luis or Hawaii!
2. Selah: these little plants growing on the trail are pretty. How do they grow here?
Mom: Well, what do plants need? Soil…Water…what else?
Selah: Sun! …and mostly love.
Mom: love?
Selah: yes, love is the most important for plants.
Mom: oh?
Selah: yes. But stepping on them isn’t really loving them.
3. Mom: the plants are getting vitamins from the soil
Selah: like our vitamins we eat?
Mom: yeah, we get our vitamins from the food we eat.
Selah: oh! Like the plants get vitamins from the soil, then we get vitamins from plants?
Mom: yep. Pretty smart for 4!
Selah: (seconds later)…but the only plant vitamins we get to eat here are from sour grass!

What fun she is.


And what a success for mom! I’m already planning our backpacking trips now!!! (Probably ambitious after a 1.5 miler, but hey, a mom can dream!)


The only part that she was iffy on, pictured here:

Mom, will this mud ever come off my favorite shoes?! 👌😉

Big Camera Roundup

Most of my posts are completed from my phone.  It’s the easiest way for me to post, and I seem to have most of my photos on my phone as well, so it works out. However, I do have a ‘real’ camera as well, and I occasionally make time to download the pictures.  This happens only about every 3 months these days (and there are less pictures now that Crasher has effectively broken the lens slightly from climbing onto the table and pushing the camera off to the floor…ugh), but nonetheless, I had a few that I thought I would post here for the sake of “scrapbooking”.  So, here goes:

October:  A few from trips to the pumpkin patch and just hanging out at home – what we do best!

Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pretty Blue Eyed Girl
Pretty Blue Eyed Girl
Personality Plus!
Personality Plus!
My Flirt
My Flirt

November:  Thanksgiving – we had so much fun I barely took pictures.  But, it involved sitting outside in the sun and bathing suits, two of our favorite things!  Oh yeah, and family!  😉  Which of course is the most favorite of all!

Cael & Selah - cousin fun!
Cael & Selah – cousin fun!
Selah "decorating" her cup.  Such a little lady.
Selah “decorating” her cup. Such a little lady.
Bathing suit FUN!
Bathing suit FUN!