Girl weekend

If I’m honest, I spend more time with Asher when I’m home. He’s just more needy, so ends up being Mama’s boy while Selah gets Daddy time. It’s not bad or good, it usually just “is”.
But this weekend is especially fun for me because Daddy had some boy time planned, so Selah I ended up hiking yesterday morning, and having a girl date last night. (And today we’re going to a play!)
Before I let the moment pass, I wanted to post pics from our date! Starting with the carousel at sunset (a beautiful pink that my iPhone didn’t catch), shopping for Christmas as the Beach House, dinner downtown at Habit, then topping it off with Yogurtland and walking State Street looking at lights.






My favorite pic are the two on the carousel where she is lost in her world. We were “racing” our horses, Laura and Paint, through a field. Selah is so great. She’s imaginative, sweet, creative, smart, sensitive, and fun (mostly 😉). I’m so blessed to be her Mama.

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