Thanksgiving 2014

Happy New Year! In preparation for tonight’s festivities, I went to take a picture and the memory is full on my phone! Imagine that with the amount of pictures I take of these munchkins 😉.

So, I went back here to download a few memories to keep. Looks like I’ve done a poor job of keeping up – especially considering I don’t think I posted any Thanksgiving photos (or if I did, I apologize for the repeat!). Actually, I take it back, I think I posted a few from the big camera, but not my phone.

Thanksgiving weather couldn’t have been better. In fact, I should even rephrase the title – this isn’t truly Thanksgiving – it’s really our beach day before Thanksgiving! Either way, it was sweet time with Selah & Asher on the beach. All the pics were taken before we met up with cousins…I tend to document when we’re hanging as a family, then forget when there’s stuff I’d love pictures of – like family we see once a year! But, nonetheless, here’s our Thanksgiving morning at Avila Beach:





















We certainly blessed to live here! What a perfect day in the middle of November! (And as I type, we’re getting some cold weather too – nice little combo actually!)

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