There are many times I think Jesse and I listened to Selah in error when we named Asher “Crasher”. Today could have been the height of it actually. I was the recipient of the dreaded phone call from school that my son had been hurt. He tripped and fell chasing Selah and her friends and collided with a stump on the ground. The teacher said she thought he was 90% fine, but it was the largest hematoma she had ever seen, in addition to a couple of other strange behaviors that gave her pause. So of course I jumped in the car and sprinted there to take him in. Poor guy was just hiding in her arms, although she said he didn’t cry (one of the strange things) and he was sweating. He literally crumpled into me, and bawled when I first got there. Poor thing. I think there may be nothing worse for a Mama then when her baby is in pain. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it.
Once he gained composure he kept saying, “Asher trip. Rock. Trip. Sorry, Mama. Trip. Rock. Hurt. Sorry.” It was so sweet and sad at the same time! I kept telling him not to be sorry and we’d go fix his owie at the doctor. Smart kid, once he heard doctor, he then kept asking for a “chop-pop”, which is his word for both lollipop and Popsicle. Kind of sad that we’re at the doctor’s office enough for him to recall that he’ll get a lollipop!
So, to the doc we went. She thinks it was “a good one”, but aside from probable black eyes tomorrow and a golf ball goose egg between his eyes, there was no more permanent or serious damage. Thank God.
We still stayed home from work to watch him closely the rest of the day, and here are a few pictures from this evening when the swelling has gone significantly down, although catching it on film doesn’t quite do the severity of it justice:



After picking up sister from school, we also headed to Blenders, which cures most ailments:



Daddy had to run back to work for a late afternoon meeting, so the kids and I headed to Butterfly Beach to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Crash was certainly not phased by his head boo boo there! Building castles with Selah, throwing sand, and stick sword fights were all over the place with no indication of a boy with a head injury:









He even insisted on “helping” sissy back up when she would jump down to get shells or be near the water:




Sure hope we’re done with all these health scares lately. I think I failed to post the last two ER/urgent care stories, but suffice it to say, if things come in threes, I’m done. However, it does keep me thankful for each day that we are given! And brings even more of a sense of gratitude for things like tonight’s sunset with my babes on the beach:





Now, dear God, please let us recover a bit? Thank you!

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