Asher’s funny for the week:

Preface: Asher really liked the aquarium in Monterey a few weekends ago, however, we’re never quite sure at this age (almost 2) how much he picks up and remembers…

So, conversation a few nights ago:

(Asher’s face against the sliding glass patio door, like against a fish tank. It’s dark outside & light inside, being evening and all. A large moth suddenly flies by, flapping along the glass)
Asher yelling & pointing: Mommydaddy! Hammerhead shark! (Sounds more like: hammahed shawk!)

This is surprisingly accurate for a recreation of our Deep Sea exhibit experience since we kept yelling “Selah! Asher! Hammerhead Shark!” However, not as biologically accurate of course being a moth & all (not to mention the sliding glass door to our backyard as opposed to hue aquarium window). We were still impressed and amused (as always).




Pictures from Monterey, not our backyard…or moth. 😉

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