Happy 2nd Birthday 

Two years ago today, my heart was stolen by a boy who still holds it.

He came into the world just how he lives – roaring in on his own terms! Crasher is the perfect nickname…and we’re thinking for this year of “two”, we might change it so that it is less of a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Just to save your mother’s heart.

You have a sister who loves and takes care of you so.  She has since day 1, really.  Not that you don’t bicker, but she’s never once allowed anyone to mistreat her little brother.  She knows how to push your buttons, and that happens a bit more lately…but she’s the first to hug you when you cry, she feels responsible for you at school, she stands up for you when you’re getting in trouble, and she constantly wants you to hug her and be with her.  You’re a good little brother too – you give her most of the hugs she wants, you follow her lead most of the time, and you’re surprisingly good at sharing (at least good food – you always give her chocolate & that’s your favorite so it’s pretty sweet…toys, not so much).

You made our family our perfect four wheels. It just feels complete with you in it.

Here’s one of our crazy morning – playing and cuddling.  You’re a big cuddle-bug these days.

At least with Mommy. You’re always wanting to be literally on top of me wherever we are – bed, couch, car – doesn’t matter as long as you can be touching me.  

You’re such a “big boy” lately, and you always want to do it yourself.  Whether it’s drinking from a cup, walking in a store, or riding your new bike, you tackle it all with confidence and determination to do it just like “sissy” does.

You eat a ton.  In fact, more than Daddy or I sometimes.  And all sorts of food – veggies, fruit, and meat alike. 

You have an unlimited vocabulary now and parrot everything we say.  Our favorites that you’ve come up with are:

Chop pop = Popsicle or lollipop

Mittens = minions (from Despicable Me)

Shake booty!  (He loves to dance and “shake booty” on the dogs)

Tank you = you’re literally always thanking people and saying hello.

Luff you – love you.  Who can resist this?!

You are naturally charismatic and already have a sense of humor.  You have an infectious personality.  This is mostly great because you make everyone smile usually.  This is also rough at home every once in awhile because when you aren’t happy, we certainly all know about it.  But you win everyone over – from all the teachers at school to the checkout people in every store, you’re a fan favorite.  And we think you’re pretty awesome here at home.  

Some stats:

Height:  32.5″…about 1.5″ shorter than Selah at this age

Favorites:  Mok (our dog), trains, cars, planes, eating (food choices below), making any sort of noise.

Favorite foods: tomatoes, blueberries, cereal, avocado, spaghetti, cheese, carrots, and pretty much any candy or chocolate. 

Shoes: 6 (bigger than Selah at this age)

Words: all of them!  And you chatter constantly!

My sweet two year old:  You have the most unique personality and I not only love you to the moon, but I genuinely like who you are and cannot wait to see who you become.   I cannot imagine or remember my life before you and I’m so grateful you are in it.  

I love you more than more, Mommy.

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