Night and Day

The difference in our children is amazing.  An example struck me at the park today while I was playing with Asher:

He saw this on the ground:

Asher immediately goes to try and touch it saying, “Mmmmm. Ketchup, Mommy”.  (Gag)

Selah won’t get near it with a 10-foot pole, is worried she stepped in it, or got something (anything) on herself dirty.  And my son is ready to lay down and lick it off the ground.  

Genes.  Are. So. Weird.

On a less disgusting note, here are some St. Patrick Day cuddles:

At least they have their cuteness in common!  😉

Weekend fun!

Before the weekend passes too far behind me, I wanted to recap!

So much fun meeting Grandma & Grandpa at Nojoqui Falls Park for picnic lunch and lots of play.  Presents, cupcakes, bike ride, foam rocket launching, and attempts at kite flying (sans wind) all made for mega-fun.

One of my all-time favorites of Selah in her brother’s hat:

I’m a total broken record, but how blessed are we!?!

Grandma & Grandoa also got us a little tool bench for Asher.  Funny story: Ash was exhausted coming home the other day, and Jesse was carrying him in the house half asleep.  The tool bench is in the living room and he must have caught a glimpse out of the corner of his sleepy eye, and he half-deliriously cries out, “grampa!” while pointing to the tools & leaning into it.  He might not be as verbal as Selah was, but he sure knows who can use tools around here 😉.

I think Ashy had a pretty good belated celebration…and so did we! 😃👌

Sneak Preview

10258278_1034374689911430_1387775805023880830_o 11038384_1034374703244762_1273712622838630515_o 11071812_1034374686578097_1116038601835042827_oPhotos with Anna Joy are always amazing.  Can’t wait to see all of them.  Also, this is at the botanical gardens in Santa Barbara – which is about 4 minutes from our house!  We sure live in a beautiful area!


Sure feels like it!

“Chop pops” after work, a swim at Auntie Linda’s pool, sunset dinner on her patio overlooking Butterfly Beach, and back in the pool until dark.  These kids have no clue how good they have it.  (And even though we know how good we have it, feeling like I cannot be thankful enough for our community and everything about it).

Work Day

Nope, no pics of the kids, sorry.  Just documenting what I do every day.  I look at this:

Might not be that exceptional to anyone, but I think it’s pretty neat to be able to watch this work in this beautiful area.  I’m blessed to have a great job, surrounded by a great team, keeping all sorts of people busy (& feeding their families)…oh, and building a bridge that people will use long after I’m gone!

And bonus – that cute little blue house is my office!  And the beach is a block away!  Told you I’m pretty blessed.  Here’s some of the drilling today…just cause I’m an enginerd.

Hide and Seek

best hiding spot ever:

Grandpa made this beautiful cabinet for us that we absolutely love, some of us for different reasons than others 😉.  The lower cabinet was for the kids, probably thinking toys, etc.  That works great, until they clear it of the toys so they can go in!  Not the original function, but still useful:

Not So Lazy Saturday

We decided to stay in town to take it easy and get well this weekend, since this week was less than kind to us on the health end of things.  (Back to back stomach flu and laringitis caught us all and knocked us a few notches down).  However, we ended up having a pretty full day despite our “resting” intentions.

Goleta Beach park morning, followed by gymnastics class at Cloud10 trampoline park, before a quick lunch/nap, backyard bubbles, then ended the day at Westmont pool for a swim.  A nice 84 degree afternoon was a perfect time to pretend it was summer.  

Here’s a few pics of Crasher and the bubbles before Selah woke up from nap…notice how much bubble juice makes it on him rather than in the actual bubbles…and how close he seems to need that wand to his face (he spends half the time spitting, trying to wash his tongue of the accidental tastes):

and…a few of the swimming (not many since I spent the majority of my time in with the fam too):

Can’t complain about a day like this.  Pretty blessed.

Biker boy & his chick

Love these two.  And evenings like tonight.  We had a pretty disastrous evening last night (what?  Not all rainbows & unicorns over here? I just don’t post all those evenings!).  Anyways, kids were tired & cranky, we were tired & cranky, so commence recipe for a rough evening.

But tonight we were determined to improve.  And did!  We took Asher’s new ride for a spin & Selah showed him how it was done!

She’s apparently too fast to catch in a photo…so luckily I did catch a video of her as a “blue flash”:

Here’s a few of Asher:

And one as they just got started outside our house on the way to the park.  Little man sure likes to try to keep up with his sister!

He’ll be a pro in no time!


its been this kind of day around here:

I guess Ashers throw-up incident on the night of his birthday wasn’t too much cake or coughing…we proved that theory wrong with Jesse getting it last night, me getting it around midnight, and Selah waking up to it at 5 AM.  I was just bragging about how none of us throw-up…so it’s my fault we all proved that wrong today.  Poor Asher is the only healthy one, as the rest of us barely made it to the couch for movies all day.

Can’t wait to be feeling good again, and for this little beauty to feel like herself :