Biker boy & his chick

Love these two.  And evenings like tonight.  We had a pretty disastrous evening last night (what?  Not all rainbows & unicorns over here? I just don’t post all those evenings!).  Anyways, kids were tired & cranky, we were tired & cranky, so commence recipe for a rough evening.

But tonight we were determined to improve.  And did!  We took Asher’s new ride for a spin & Selah showed him how it was done!

She’s apparently too fast to catch in a photo…so luckily I did catch a video of her as a “blue flash”:

Here’s a few of Asher:

And one as they just got started outside our house on the way to the park.  Little man sure likes to try to keep up with his sister!

He’ll be a pro in no time!

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