Not So Lazy Saturday

We decided to stay in town to take it easy and get well this weekend, since this week was less than kind to us on the health end of things.  (Back to back stomach flu and laringitis caught us all and knocked us a few notches down).  However, we ended up having a pretty full day despite our “resting” intentions.

Goleta Beach park morning, followed by gymnastics class at Cloud10 trampoline park, before a quick lunch/nap, backyard bubbles, then ended the day at Westmont pool for a swim.  A nice 84 degree afternoon was a perfect time to pretend it was summer.  

Here’s a few pics of Crasher and the bubbles before Selah woke up from nap…notice how much bubble juice makes it on him rather than in the actual bubbles…and how close he seems to need that wand to his face (he spends half the time spitting, trying to wash his tongue of the accidental tastes):

and…a few of the swimming (not many since I spent the majority of my time in with the fam too):

Can’t complain about a day like this.  Pretty blessed.

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