Weekend fun!

Before the weekend passes too far behind me, I wanted to recap!

So much fun meeting Grandma & Grandpa at Nojoqui Falls Park for picnic lunch and lots of play.  Presents, cupcakes, bike ride, foam rocket launching, and attempts at kite flying (sans wind) all made for mega-fun.

One of my all-time favorites of Selah in her brother’s hat:

I’m a total broken record, but how blessed are we!?!

Grandma & Grandoa also got us a little tool bench for Asher.  Funny story: Ash was exhausted coming home the other day, and Jesse was carrying him in the house half asleep.  The tool bench is in the living room and he must have caught a glimpse out of the corner of his sleepy eye, and he half-deliriously cries out, “grampa!” while pointing to the tools & leaning into it.  He might not be as verbal as Selah was, but he sure knows who can use tools around here 😉.

I think Ashy had a pretty good belated celebration…and so did we! 😃👌

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