Beach Bums

Last weekend (pre-current-sickness), we had one of those funny parenting experiences.  It’s one of those times you’ve been hoping for – when your kid is finally old enough and skilled enough to do something you enjoy with you…and they do it and actually enjoy it also!  Maybe even want to do it again!  And again!  

This happened with Selah finally with “surfing” (ie. Body boarding, which to her is surfing).  The funny part though is now she wants her daddy to take her surfing (totally awesome, right?!) every time we go to the beach.  Which is really cool.  I cannot stress enough how awesome we find this.  But the funny parenting moment is when you realize that this thing you’ve been wanting your kid to love doing, sometimes becomes a whole lot of work for you once they’re into it.  Prime example:  now that Selah wants to surf at the beach every time…this means Jesse has to go in the water every time.  And this is sometimes really cold. And not always what he wants to do at the relaxing beach spot for a lunch picnic.  BUT – she loves it, and it’s SO fun to watch her & her daddy – so who can complain?! (Ok, Jesse can. Because the water was COLD this weekend!) 😉

I’m sorry to say I did not get pictures of them in the water.  I did, however, get them playing “airplane” off a ledge at the edge of the beach.  


 Clearly Asher needs to do everything Selah does:


 And one more close-up of my gangsta baby:


Proof it was cold?  Selah warming up in our driveway in the sun afterwards! (With chocolate shake in hand):

  Asher also decided he needed to hone his “skills” too since he wants to do everything “sissy” does:

  These three.  ❤️ them!  

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