All Set 

Easter prep over here…

Carrots on porch:

  Eggs hidden:

  Baskets out:

  And note from the bunny:

  (Complete with real chewed carrot remnants) 

By the way, I did have to go overboard a bit with the toy/baskets this year because Selah accidentally found my baskets and contents – so she knew a little of what mine entailed.  I planned to return a few things and re-buy so she didn’t suspect that E. Bunny is Mom, but when they got sick it kind of went out the window.  So, a few more things than normal, but oh well.  It was fun to see Asher set out the carrots with Selah – he was pumped. Not sure how much he “gets”, but it was very cute to see him follow around his sister and talk about it.

I feel bad for them – they were SO looking forward to seeing family and being at the lake.  But they’ve made the best of it, so we’ll have our own little family Easter tomorrow.  Seems weird without family OR church, but definitely better to steer clear until they’re healthy – this bug has been a super-bug, so we’re eager to say adios!  

Happy Easter-eve! 🐣🐰💒

Easter Egg Recovery

Still not 100% over here.  You can see it on poor Selah’s face – she just doesn’t feel good still.  Asher on the other hand is ready to go.  

Regardless, we needed an activity besides TV today so coloring eggs was it.  Asher pretty much threw every one of them, so they’re a little broken, but I think they’ll do for the bunny to hide 😉🐰


  My surfer egg for daddy:      I captured mid-drop (or throw?) here: