Palm Sunday

I’m a little belated on some of my posts, clearly. However, they’re here and that’s what counts for “scrapbooking”, right?  (I think of the blog as my “memory book” of sorts for my kids, since it’s basically just documenting what we do for friends & family).  

Anyways, Palm Sunday is the kids performance at our church.  Asher just “graduated” into the 2’s class, and the 2 through 5’s perform so this was his first time.  I’ll say he was less than thrilled.  That’s being generous, although he didn’t really grasp (ok, at all) what was going on.  

So, I count it as a success that he even walked up there, climbed on stage, threatened to jump off, and sat down for second before deciding he’d cry to be in my arms (I volunteer in the 3-4-5 class so I had to be up there, although he’d probably have been better without my presence).  

Selah was a champ as always, and as is her personality, was very serious.  She gets up there, follows directions on words and hand motions, and gets the job done.  Not necessarily joyful about it all, but a semi-willing participant I’d say, at the very least.  Love that girl.

Here’s some pictures that someone posted and I downloaded:

 Asher “drumming”:  Bailing off the stage (commence my heart attack):

  Palm leaves were actually brilliant…kept his attention for at least 10 minutes poking everything in sight:  

The group rehearsing:  

Serious business:       

So fun to see them grow up with this group.  Our church is pretty heavy in young families, which definitely makes it fun on these Sundays.  Now if we could just stop getting sick each time we go!  😉