Asher’s Menu

I have to write this down to document.  My just-turned-2-year-old is in the 15th percentile in weight and height, and eats like he’s in high school.  Today Jesse got home around 4:30 and I closely followed at 5, and here’s what he’s eaten since:

Chips and cheese with Jesse as a snack

Two glasses of milk

Half an avocado

A quarter of an orange

A cup of rice

A chicken thigh with parmesan

Three quarters of a bag of fresh peas

A cup of broccoli

Two cookies for dessert

And as I’m sitting here typing, he polished off a container of yogurt.

What am I going to do when he’s actually in high school?!  Clearly I’m unable to retire, like, EVER.

In other news, Selah had a dentist visit today which she passed with flying colors.  Sweet girl actually asks to go back!

Next time Asher goes in, so we should start praying now! 😉😘