Job Update

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROWhile clearly not as exciting as pictures of my kids, thought those of you who have seen the site a few times would like to see the jobsite I’m working on.  These are a few pictures from a drone that the driller brought onsite the other day and they give a good picture of what the creek is now compared to what it will be!  You can tell just how much we’re widening it.  You’ll also see where the old bridge is, and where the new one will go.  They have poured the abutment (which holds up the bridge) on the east side, so that is now where the side of the bridge will be.

I’m also glad that one of the pictures has a person in it for scale.  The walls are pretty beefy, so it’s hard to tell exactly how large what we’re building is!

OK, enough enginerding out for you today.  😉

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