I should title this, “the things you say as parents”, but it was a by-product of Selah, so we’ll leave it at that. 

To set the scene, Selah has been having nightmares every so often lately.  I’d guess once a week or every other week, so while not every night, still frequent enough to interrupt everyone’s sleep patterns (yes, selfish parent alert!).  So, we’ve asked her to start just crawling in bed with us instead of yelling for us to come in her room.  We’ve figured out if she just crawls in, we sometimes can have relatively seamless sleep, whereas if I get up, all bets are off if I can even go back to sleep at all that night.

Needlesstosay, she’s about 50-50 on yelling vs. coming into our room.  But last night was almost worth the trip in.  After yelling for a good 4-5 times and yanking me from dreams into reality, I go in to see what is wrong. Keep in mind this is like 2 AM.

Me: Sey, what’s wrong? Mommy’s here.

Selah: I don’t want to go to college.

Me: you’re not, hon, you’re going to kindergarten.

Selah: (sobbing). But Mom, I don’t EVER want to go to college!  

Me: (realizing its in my best interest to comfort, not reason) ok.  You don’t have to go.

Selah:  (literally, uncontrollable tears). I don’t want to have to leave, mommy!  Ever!  I don’t want college!  Or to leave home, Mommy?

Me:  it’s ok, baby girl. Come lay with me & go to sleep.  You never have to leave.  You never ever ever have to go to college.  You can live with Mommy & Daddy forever, it’ll be ok, I promise.  And I will remind you that you don’t want to go ever in about 13 years, honey, I promise.  šŸ˜‰ā¤ļø

(Ps. We are not forcing our 5 year old to think of college to the point of nightmare, I promise.  Jesse let me know that Goofy Goes to College, or something similar, was the kids movie of choice that evening.  So, blame Goofy for making college seem like a bad dream!)

Good thing she already has leadership skills developing:


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