Tiny Dancer

It’s late and I’ve exhausted myself from party prep for tomorrow’s bash, but I really wanted to post a few pics from today’s recital.

  I will say that although I was dreading the all-day event (seriously, all day almost!  We left at 8:15 AM and returned home at 2 PM!), it was pretty impressive.
  The girls really enjoyed themselves, the dances were more fun to watch than last time, and it’s fun to see how Selah is so confident now and actually enjoys performing.
  She danced to the little mermaid song, “Under the Sea”, and did really well.  She also said it was her favorite part of the day, so I know she enjoyed herself.  
  And if her enjoying herself means we sit through two all-day performances a year, so be it!
  In turn, she has to deal with me taking a thousand pictures:
  We even snuck one in mid-performance even though we were banned.  Seems like it didn’t really matter – doesn’t look like one that will go for tons of money 😉:
  So, tomorrow is the big 5 party day.  If I took a hundred pictures today (I rounded up), you can only imagine what mañana holds! 
  Good night sleep tight!
            I love this sweet girl!

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