Memorial Weekend

Thankful for those who’ve given everything for us to be able to enjoy weekends like this one.  It is not lost on us that our freedom comes with a cost, and we are beyond thankful.

First up was an exciting (not really) trip to look for patio furniture at way too many places.  But in the midst of trekking our kids in search of the perfect backyard accessories, we did find a fun splash pad in Oxnard:
Asher enjoyed it too – until he unexpectedly took one to the face and was done.  But Selah took full advantage.  Watching her so grown up in her new birthday bathing suit but still having an unabashedly “kid” good time was the best.  It’s those times that remind us how sweet our Miss Sassy pants can be.

   Daddy also got a lot done on the shed assembly – not of course without “help” from Crashy.  


We were also blessed with an impromptu visit from Grandpa & Grandma with another birthday present for Selah.  She put it to good use right away:

We’ve had several shows since – some with Ashy joining in too.  Of course, directed by Selah…she’s quite the ‘manager’ these days.

This morning we relaxed and did ‘art’ while Daddy worked on the shed.  Even partially done, our yard is 200 times more functional than before.  I’m so grateful to be using our space now and loving to just be home!

   It even tired Asher out (well, combined with a bike ride to the park where we skated, swang, and jumped off rocks!) – so much so he literally passed out on Selah:

And this afternoon was the block party potluck.  I cannot express how blessed we are in this neighborhood.  It’s THE best.  I’m just thankful.

Selah is too for her best buddy Madeline.  These two are peas in a pod.   


We even had some serenading (er…uh…noise?) by the girls during the party:
And Asher has a buddy of his own.  Our newest neighbor Scarlett is three months older and an absolute doll.  Asher thinks so too!     

  Such a good family weekend.  Hope everyone else’s was as relaxing and fulfilling.  Again, we know it comes with a cost, and are so thankful to those who have paid with their lives or the lives of their loved ones for us to be free.  


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