Graduation Day

and so it goes…
She was still able to be carried in by her proud daddy:

  But those days won’t last (she’s heavy!)…and she is ready for summer then kindergarten.  So bittersweet, this growing up thing.  It’s fun that she’s old enough to do even more things we like to share with her (hiking, surfing, biking, skiing…), but she certainly has her ideas of where mom and dad belong and don’t.  

(Clearly we are the ‘takers and holders’ of things still) 


And she has so many good friends, we’re slowly becoming chopped liver in her social circle 😉

But she’s still excited for family, so we’ll keep it that way as long as humanly possible.




 And we still have Mr. Asher Keith around to entertain….


Selah has been blessed to have her teacher and pal, Ms. Danielle:

  Who also bought her the sweet guitar featured with Asher above.  
And she’s still stoked to have Grandma & Grandpa present for her honors!  Thanks for coming for today, means the world to us.

  Here’s to our baby girl growing up and moving on.  May God bless her in the next school as much as she has in her first two.

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