The Unexpected Moments

  Sometimes the best evenings are the unplanned, unexpected gems.  Tuesday at the jobsite resulted in my car stranded at the office (they had to “borrow” the steel plate covering the excavation in front of the driveway where I park…and it didn’t come back until about 6 pm).  So, Jesse and the kids came down to help.  

My little inspectors:

     Since I needed the car for the morning, we decided to hang out around the area until I could drive home.  What else to do in the touristy waterfront of Santa Barbara but walk to the end of the pier and have ice cream for dinner!

    (As long as we’re unhealthy, why stop at dyes!  I cringe at the color of her ice cream, but sometimes I just say, oh well!)

It turns out, we live in a really pretty area!  And people pay to visit here,  we were reminded why!   It was the most gorgeous evening out, and had a great time as a ‘tourist’ family.  


We even made it home in time for Selah to help Daddy put on the last parts of the shed roof he is building…

  While I prepared a ‘real dinner that actually had other food groups like vegetables 😉.
I’ve had a pretty gnarly sinus infection the past couple of weeks, so I’ve been struggling through work days for the most part.  So, this evening was a much needed reminder of the beauty in my own backyard (& cuteness in our own household of course, which I’m thankful for each day).  So much fun we might have to do it again sometime when we stranded by choice! 😉❤️😘

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